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Local Support

Helping people who are or have been on the city’s streets to turn a corner.

Support our effort to improve the CB1 Community

Not all needs can be met by facilities on the estate. There are many organisations you can reach out and refer others to.

Increasingly stretched budgets leave many in real need and homelessness is a significant issue in Cambridge. Here you will find a growing directory of external services and support organisations to help you or others when in need.

Cambridge Street Aid

In order to help those who are on the streets and to reduce homelessness, a collaborative approach is needed. In line with this, there was a Homelessness Summit held in Cambridge in November to bring together representatives from businesses, charities and churches from across the city. At this summit, it was discussed about how organisations present can help the effort to reduce homelessness. One of the points that was raised was about providing information to members of the public so that they know the ways they can help. An important source of support is Cambridge Street Aid.

Cambridge Street Aid is a Cambridge City Council initiative to support homeless people in Cambridge. Its two aims are to:

  • Help people get off, and stay off, the streets
  • Give donors an alternative to handing money straight to people

You can watch more about Street Aid »

Local Support

In terms of donation, if you wanted to donate, you can:

Visit the fund page »
Send a cheque – payable to Cambridgeshire Community Foundation, Hangar One, The Airport, Newmarket Road, Cambridge CB5 8TG

Local Support

Street Support

The Street Support website helps guide those who require help by searching either by area of help needed (eg, housing) or by postcode. The information is then presented in list, map and timetable format so that you can see what support is available where and on what days. It also provides useful information on emergency advice, volunteering, donating, getting business involved and offering spare items.