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Groups, Partnerships & Meetings

Learn about, and participate in, the key groups that meet regularly to maintain the estate.

Support our effort to improve the CB1 Community

Here you can find information and meeting notes from the groups that schedule regular meetings to manage different aspects of life in CB1.

Details about scheduled meetings, notes from past meetings and information about events are all here to keep you informed. Please let us know of any information you feel is missing.

CB1 Steering Group

The CB1 Steering Group  is made up of agencies and organisations committed to driving development.

There are regular discussions between stakeholders and groups within the CB1 community to co-ordinate development.

Resident representatives selected by their building/building’s residents association attend these meetings. They provide a resident voice in discussions at the meeting.

Want to find out more about the meetings of this group or join the meetings? Get in touch with David, Community Engagement Coordinator.

CB1 ASB Focus Group

The ASB Focus Group is a sub-group of the Steering Group and is composed of multiple agencies to discuss and cooperate on ASB matters.

These agencies include the CB1 partners (including student accommodation organisations, housing and maintenance organisations and the city council), the police and site security (Dardan).

The group tends to meet twice a year. View for the Terms of Reference »

Community representatives are able to attend the meetings of the group and as with the steering group, resident representatives can be selected by their building/building’s residents association.

Want to find out more about the meetings of this group or join the meetings? Get in touch with David, Community Engagement Coordinator.

Groups Partnerships Meetings

Residents Meets

Residents Meets take place regularly on the CB1 Estate. They are part of the CB1 Community initiative to increase engagement on the estate. Meets provide an opportunity for residents across the estate to come together to discuss issues that are affecting them and to decide on resident priorities.

Meetings are facilitated by Community Regen and take place every two months.

Live in CB1 and want to join the meetings? Get in touch with David, Community Engagement Coordinator.

CB1 Business Forum

In May 2019, CB1 Community organised a meeting between different businesses on CB1. The purpose of the meeting was to feed back results of a survey that had been done with businesses to gauge thoughts and ideas about the estate.

It was decided at this initial meeting that it would be useful to meet on a regular basis to update on what different businesses are doing, hear updates on what is happening on the estate and to put forward ideas. This group meets three times a year.

Resident Groups on the CB1 Estate

We are working to support Resident groups to expand the discussion surrounding improving CB1.

We are also open to the setting up of groups for Businesses, Retailers and Students in CB1 if there is demand for them.

We anticipate that this website will act both as a catalyst for the creation of new meetings of other interest groups and also help promote awareness of existing meetings.

Great Northern Road Residents Association


Huxley House Residents Association

Contact them via

Timetable of CB1 Meetings

Below is a list of meetings that are taking place on the CB1 estate over the course of the next few months. Find out more about the groups and meetings that take place on CB1.

Steering GroupTuesday 28th November 202310.00-11.00am Zoom
CB1 Residents MeetTuesday 16th January 20246.00-7.00pm Zoom

Meeting Notes & Bulletins

A big part of this website is communication about what is going on on the CB1 Estate.

As part of that, there are many meetings that are held and it is important that notes from the Steering Group and the Residents Meets are available so you can see what is going on.

Also important is the communication via our Community Bulletin. Below are some copies of the notes from these meetings as well the previous copies of the community bulletin and leaflets for previous events. This page will be updated with the latest notes and bulletins.

ASB Focus Group Meeting Notes

September 2018 ASB Focus Group notes »

January 2019 ASB Focus Group notes »

May 2019 ASB Focus Group notes »

October 2019 ASB Focus Group – notes to follow

May 2020 ASB Focus Group – notes to follow