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Community Safety

Contacts and tools to report such problems are available here.

Helping our Community to be and feel safe

CB1 has seen its share of antisocial behaviour, domestic abuse and hate crimes and we are working to reduce that.

It is important that you feel safe where you live, work or spend your leisure time. When reporting an incident any information you provide is totally confidential unless there is a legal requirement for it to be reported.

What is Anti-Social behaviour?

Anti-social Behaviour is defined as:

‘Conduct that has caused, or is likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress to any person’.

ASB can cause fear and anxiety, and degrade the quality of life for individuals, neighbourhoods, or even whole communities.

Anti-social behaviour can erode people’s sense of attachment to where they live, encouraging conditions where crime becomes easier to commit.

Low-level bad behaviour is linked to crime – low-level problems can get worse if not dealt with.

What is and what isn’t anti-social behaviour is not always easy to pinpoint. People’s judgments differs about what is acceptable, and a person causing offence may not be aware of it.

We generally advise people experiencing low-level problems to first try to talk about the problem with the person causing offence.

The City Council’s Safer Communities section offers a Neighbourhood Resolution channel should initial efforts fail – see below.

Community Safety

Tackling ASB in CB1

The approach to tackling ASB in CB1 is to work in partnership with the CB1 stakeholders.

Each partner has a responsibility for tackling Anti-Social Behaviour within their management services. 

Here’s a list of the CB1 stakeholders:

  • BPHA (Huxley House, Gilbert House)
  • Peabody (formerly Catalyst)
  • CRM Students (Crick House, Aston House, Bragg House)
  • Railyard (The Railyard building, Telford House, Brunel)
  • Preim (3 & 4 Station Square)
  • Encore Estates

Contact details for these can be found here.

  • The CB1 Community (residents, businesses and retailers, commuters)
  • Cambridge City Council; Safer Communities Section
  • Anglia Ruskin University (ARU)
  • Dardan Security (carry out patrols on the estate)
  • Bidwells Facilities Team
  • Cambridgeshire Police Constabulary
  • British Transport Police
  • CamBAC

How to report ASB

Use the Anti-Social Behaviour Reporting Form at the bottom of this page, to report ASB directly. All data provided will be held in strictest confidence unless there is a legal requirement for it to be reported.

Complete a Diary Sheet to log multiple instances of ASB. Email the Diary Sheet directly to the agency or submit via the anti-social behaviour reporting form.

Private & Housing Association Tenants or Leaseholders

To report problems with neighbours or problems in the neighbourhood, please report to your landlord or housing provider. 

Please refer to the Interactive Estate Map to find the management company for your block / building. Every management company has a dedicated phone number and email address. Alternatively, you can use the CB1 Management Contact List to find information.

Other Residents & Visitors

To report problems involving other residents or problems in the neighbourhood, please report to the Safer Communities Team

A full list of agencies for reporting incidents of all kinds that explains who to report to for each type of ASB can be found in Reporting Anti-Social Behaviour

Report Racial Harassment

Racial harassment is abuse suffered by individuals, families or groups of people because of their colour, race, nationality, or ethnic or national origin.

The abuse can exist in many forms and might:

  • Consist of one incident or a series
  • Include attacks on property as well as on the person
  • Be written, physical or verbal
  • Involve criminal acts.

If you or members of your family have been subject to racial harassment, have witnessed a racial incident, or have concerns about racial harassment in anyway, please call our Racial Harassment Service.

Report Noise Nuisance

Everyone’s perception of noise, or unwanted sound, is different. It’s not just a question of sound levels in decibels, but of what is acceptable to the average person – and what one person considers unacceptable may not seem unreasonable to somebody else.

In most instances the Council service will start by sending letters to advise of the complaint, and if the problem continues it may be necessary to assess the noise from your property to determine if further action is required.

Community Safety

During Business Hours

If the issue is occurring during business hours, call the Council Environmental Services on 01223 457900 

Out of Business Hours

If issue is occurring outside of our business hours, call the Out of Hours Noise Service on 0300 303 8389.  This service operates between 7pm and 7am every day, and between 9am and 5pm at weekends.
Or Email:

Train & Railway Noise

For train and railway noise, contact Network Rail on 0845 711414.

Student Noise

Report what you believe to be student noise to the student accommodation organisations
(Downing: Email: and CRM Students: Email:

To help with the reporting, we’ve created an Template Email to download and use when sending the report. Please fill in the gaps and send it as soon as possible after the noise disturbance (the day after if possible).

Report Criminal Behaviour

Criminal behaviour should always be reported to the Cambridgeshire Police. This can include hate crime, assault, threats or intimidation, theft or damage to property.


In an emergency, call 999.

NOT an Emergency

Call 101 or report on the Cambridgeshire Constabulary website »

The Constabulary website has means of reporting lots of things including reporting a crime that does not require immediate police presence as well as reporting information of criminal/suspicious activity

British Transport Police (BTP)

The BTP are the national police force for Britain’s railways, providing safety and security for rail operators, staff and passengers. Incidents taking place in the station and forecourt, in the area between the station and the shops facing you on exit or in the station car park should be reported to the BTP.

They have a police station nearby:
British Transport Police
Station Road, Cambridge, CB1 2JW
Contact them on 0800 405040

Businesses in CB1

Cambridge Business against Crime (CamBAC) is an independent, non-profit making organisation of nearly 200 businesses spread across the day and night time economies. CAMBAC works on behalf of the business community, both the day-time and night-time economy in and around Cambridge, to reduce the impact of business related crime and prevent crime and disorder in the city.

Visit the CamBAC website »

CB1 Estate Security Management

The CB1 estate security is managed by a dedicated site security team from Dardan Security. To reach a member of the security team, please use the following contact numbers:

Neighbourhood Resolution Panel

The neighbourhood resolution panel scheme aims to help anyone affected by low level crime, anti-social behaviour and neighbour disputes by encouraging all those involved to work together to find a meaningful resolution. This would ordinarily come into play when other solutions have proved ineffective. You can volunteer to be a facilitator on the scheme.

Contact the Safer Communities Team

Report Environmental Issues

The Streets and Open Spaces operation is a City Council team consists of five smaller teams with specific roles. They work closely with residents, community and campaign groups to keep Cambridge clean, green and safe. This include things like: Stray and lost dogs, Fly tipping, Illegal camping, Dog control, Illegal advertising, Abandoned and untaxed vehicles, Littering and Domestic and trade duty of care

Contact the Streets and Open Spaces Operations Team

Anti-social Behaviour Reporting Form

To help the reporting of anti-social behaviour, we have devised this form for you to submit your report for the relevant agency to action. The form will not only send reports straight to the relevant agency but it also helps paint an overview about ASB on CB1.

Data provided will be held in confidence. You do not have to provide your contact information if you do not wish to however it must be noted that in order to create a case, some organisations would require some of this information in order to pursue with action. You can review our Privacy Policy statement »

If you have a diary sheet you would like to send, pleased attach it here. You can download the diary sheet here.