Find the management contact info for your building

Below is an Interactive Map – just hover your mouse over any building to find key contact information. You can use this information to report:

  • anti-social behaviour
  • security issues
  • litter
  • incidents (e.g. water leaks and hazards)

And raise issues over utility provision and services such as:

  • electricity
  • lighting
  • heating
  • water
  • refuse collections



Each building has the name of the management company responsible for it, a 24hr phone number, and an email address. If your issue is urgent (e.g. a flood or an immediate security issue), please call the phone number. If it is NOT urgent we suggest that you send a message to the email address (ask for an ‘open receipt’ so you know when it has been read). If you are unable to view the Interactive Map you can view a list of all the management contacts for the buildings in CB1 here.

Remember – if there is an emergency such as a crime in progress, a fire or urgent medical attention is required, call 999. If you smell gas and suspect a leak, call 0800 111 999.